About Stampede Bikes

Since 2010 we have focused on providing quality bikes that are cost-effective, safe and super cool! We love supporting our local and outside area communities that promote learning, fitness, health and family fun.


What’s important to us?

My first bike Ian Harris Founder CEO

Keep it fun! Having an enjoyable “first ride” will encourage a lifetime of cycling and outdoor recreation.

Mutual Respect. We pride ourselves on stellar customer service. A quality product should be backed by

a quality experience.

Safety first. Always wear a helmet! The importance of those lil tykes riding our bikes, is not lost on us.

Our efforts are always focused on providing a quality bike that is mechanically safe and sound.

Ears to the ground. Send us an email at support@Stampedebikes.com. We appreciate any feedback, ideas,

comments, suggestions you may have.

Your comments have given great insight and direction on improvements and future Stampede Bike products.

Keep them coming! Your support is inspiring!

Where are we going?

Stampede Bikes currently produces award winning Children’s bikes, with 5 models in our current line up.

We look to promote cycling to children through school programs, provide bikes to disadvantaged

families, ride camps, and other non-profits/community events support health, fitness, families and fun. If

your organization or event lines up with these values, we would love to offer our support in any

way we can. Contact me anytime ian@Stampedebikes.com, or post a comment on our Facebook page.

From our family to yours….HAPPY RIDING

Want to start selling our bikes check out our dealer on demand program

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President Dwight D. Eisenhower